24: The BANG is a Bay Area Night Game, a short team puzzle hunt played on foot. Despite its acronym, BANG 24 will occur during the middle of the day. Puzzle difficulty will be comparable to BANG 22 or Shinteki.

When: Saturday, July 18, 2009 from 10am to 6pm. Registration will start at 9:30am.
Where: Downtown San Jose. Coordinates of the start location will be given to registered teams closer to the start date.
Teams: 4 or 5 people. Participants must be 18 years or older.
Cost: $50 per team


Teams should plan to bring the following:

Code references and computers are not required.


BANG 24 has space for the first 30 registered teams. Registration is now closed.

Shortly after registering, the team will receive information about how to pay. Payment must be received by July 1.

If more than 30 teams are interested, subsequent teams may still submit a registration and will be added to the wait-list. If one of the first 30 teams decides not to play, or does not submit their payment, their spot will be given to the first wait-listed team.

Team Paid?
Hookd on Fonix Y
Juiced Y
Meat Machine Y
Burnin' ?s Y
Tvelve Metchsteek Y
The Burninators Y
Desert Taxi Y
Inspector Gadget Y
Longshots Y
Forks on Fire Y
The Smoking GNU Y
Cajun Pistols Y
Blue Carbuncles Y
osum Y
Judean People's Front Y
Continental Breakfast Y
Blood & Booze Y
Kittens Kittens Kittens Y
Team Rocket Y
Code Yellow Y
Consumer Recreation Services Y
Everybody Loves Nutella Y
BiPolar Bears Y
The Inner Loop Y
Golden Golems Y
coed astronomy Y
Go Banana! Y
Go Apple! Y
Valid etcetera Y
Divide and Conquer Y


The original teaser home page can be found here.


I haven't ever seen 24. I hope that's okay! Should I start watching!?
That's okay. Knowledge of 24 trivia is not required.
I can't play on July 18. Do you want playtesters?
Yes! There are opportunities for playtesting either in a conference room or on location. Email bang24@cranea.org for details.
I was here at 10:00 AM on 6/18 but the registration site wasn't up yet! :(
CRANEA headquarters was infiltrated on the morning of 6/18 by a rogue operative disguised as a PG&E technician, who cut off our electricity just before we uploaded the new website. It took us until 10:11AM to find another open wifi network. (BTW, two teams found the registration page even before the website was uploaded...)
Will the start/end location be reasonably close to Caltrain?
Reasonably close. The start location is about 1/2 mile from the San Jose Caltrain station, and the end location is about 3/4 mile away.
I solved the preclue and sent you an email but I didn't get any notification that registration was opening! :(
It's likely that you were on our mailing list and did get the email, but didn't notice it because it was in disguise....
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 00:36:30 -0700
Subject: [24] America needs you...
From: Barack Obama <potus@cranea.org>
To: Jack Bauer <allstate@cranea.org>

Agent Bauer,

First, I want to thank you again for the thing with the guy at the
place.  Hillary and Geithner are still asking me how I got Pelosi to
go along with it.  ;-)

My staff has informed me you are taking a much deserved break, so it
is with much regret that I interrupt your time off.  Unfortunately, it
has come to my attention that there is a grave threat to our national
security, and you are one of the few people I can trust to resolve it.
I cannot provide much detail over email, as I have reason to believe
my Blackberry may have been hacked, but I have arranged for a
rendezvous with a few other trusted agents on July 18th.  This will
need to be handled with the utmost secrecy, as I have reason to
believe many high-ranking government officials have been compromised.

You may confirm your willingness to participate and help protect our
freedoms as early as 10am on Thursday, June 18th at
http://www.cranea.org/bang24/ . Please note that you are advised to
confirm your participation promptly, because only a limited number
number of agents will be allowed to participate in this operation.

Barack Obama
United States
What do you mean that BANG 24 runs until 6pm?
We're planning for clue solving to end around 6pm, and teams will meet at the end location around that time. It will probably be closer to 6:30 by the time we tally up scores and give out prizes.
Will your staff provide food during the day? Will vendors be strategically located to provide snacks for purchase? Or should we pack our own nourishment, sufficient to last for 8 hours?
Our staff will provide bottled water at some locations, and multiple locations will be near (or at) restaurants or cafes where you can purchase food. Your team may wish to pack some snacks and beverages, but you could also survive just fine buying food along the way.
What is parking like near the start location?
There are several parking lots and garages in the vicinity, with prices ranging from free to a few dollars a day. See this map for details, or just follow the street signs when you get there.
If you have any questions not answered here, email bang24@cranea.org.